. I have shown the COP? Age: 28

Hello! I have eco, 1 pregnancy, hereditary thrombophilia, scar on the uterus after laparoscopy in 2017 (endometriosis, 2-Storony cysts endometr, myoma uterus, spikes, polyp). I have shown ks?

37th week went, and so hard that the forces simply do not press. Most likely to give birth. Is it just me? And how do you feel this time? And there is no "harbingers" no.

For you now, it's time to fool. . In general, I advise you to have a fool and sleep as possible)). And the foresters will be. . They can be the day before giving birth. . I had 2 days. . Slightly in the hospital did not leave)

Dog training at home

Harbingers of childbirth (article)

In modern obstetrics, pregnancy is considered to be in 38 weeks. Check out the child more than 41. weeks, is considered to be overgrown. Thus, urgent, that is, the labor that occurred on time is stacked in the interval from 270 to 290 days. However, there are women who give birth completely norm ...

Fourth week pregnancy

Consultation on the topic - allocations on early pregnancy is normal - hello. I am on the early period of pregnancy, or rather 4-5 weeks, I don't know exactly, so. The gynecologist did not say. I already have some kind of brown allocations during the week, the discharge is not accompanied by ...

40 weeks

Finally, the 40th week, support pliz t. The long-awaited moment comes terribly, exciting

Pregnancy after 40 weeks

Pregnancy features for 40-42 weeks: fetal development, mothers' well-being, analyzes, hospitalization, preparation for childbirth

OEDE - sixth week of pregnancy (eighth week of obstetric period)

Diagnosis using ultrasound today is considered one of the most basic and reliable methods used in early pregnancy.

Magna B6.

Consultation on the topic - Pregnancy Obstetrician term 6 weeks of threat of miscarriage - Good afternoon. A couple of days ago I learned that I was pregnant, today we went to the doctor, she appointed analyzes and said to do ultrasound. Analyzes have not yet handed over. Almost all of them in the morning only went ...

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How to treat pain in the joints during pregnancy

During pregnancy, when immunity decreased, a woman has a particularly high risk of infection. Without effective treatment and medical control, ORVI can lead to the development of severe complications.

harbingers of childbirth and abdominal pain

So the end of your hard way approaches. Very soon, you will experience an incredible mixture of emotions and, finally, see your crumb. Most likely, the fatigue leaves you not yet soon, but the incredible joy that Mom is experiencing when looking at his newborn baby, will be much stronger.

Is it possible to believe pregnancy tests?

Each modern woman at least once enjoyed a pregnancy test. It is available, convenient, to it always attached detailed instructions with illustrations. Despite the popularity and effectiveness of tests, the people are in the people a lot of myths about them.

Main processes on the sixth week of pregnancy

6 week of pregnancy is a rather difficult period, since this time when the largest organs of the future child occurs. There are noticeable changes in the woman in the body of a woman, it can begin to hurt the chest, toxicosis will begin to appear. We'll figure it out that on this time the norm, and what signs should make immediate consult a doctor.

6 obstetric pregnancy week. What happens to the baby and mom, signs and sensations, photos of the fruit on the ultrasound, in detail

At the 6th week of pregnancy, the fruit grows and develops quickly, the figure of the future mother remains the same. There are such signs as scattered, reducing attention, drowsiness and increased fatigue. The embryonic period is lagging behind the obstetrics for 2 weeks. The uterus is increasingly increasing (about the sizes of a small orange) and acquires the shape of the ball. In addition, it is possible to change the taste preferences. It can be a traction not only to salt, but also to sweet, as well as to various specific products.

4 month pregnancy

What changes occur on 4 months of pregnancy.

Articles on the topics of the main activities of the clinic

Unsuccessful eco protocol. Negative hCG. What to do?

5 month of pregnancy: all the most important

Fifth month of pregnancy. What feels and notices the future mother, changes, what happens to the child for 5 months, the first movements.

What do moms write at 11 week of pregnancy - forum Babyblog

The response of the gynecologist on the site about treatment is a pregnancy for 5 weeks. What to do

Pregnancy 6 weeks and 3 days, no Sat

I went today on the ultrasound, and something was not happy at all (((a fruit egg in the uterus, size 11 * 4 mm, the embryo does not look like

6 week of pregnancy - signs, symptoms, sensations on the sixth week of pregnancy: description in the blog Mother's course

6 week of pregnancy. How the kid grows on the 6th week of pregnancy. How to eat a future mother?

8 week of pregnancy

The embryonic stage approached the end of the main organs and the systems are laid, and then their development will go. Starting from the 8th week, the embryo is called

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