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Therapeutic effect of fluconazole, testimony and contraindications, application at different deadlines. Consequences for the fetus. Reviews.

Fluomesin during pregnancy - can it be used

Vaginal pill floomisin - complete instructions for use of the drug (lat. Fluomizin) of Delta Medical Promotions AG, dosing mode and price in pharmacies nearby | Compendium

instructions for use, cost, analogues, reviews

Candles "Floomizin" - such a means with which women are forced to face more and more often, since infections in gynecology are particularly strong.

made x-ray and fluorography this month and now delay .. I'm missing ..

Every woman, founding in the "interesting" position, with special attention begins to relate to his way of life, nutrition, health. After all, in many respects

Sent pregnant on fluorography

The most complete picture of the health of the lungs and the heart provides fluorography. Therefore, it is desirable to go through such a survey during pregnancy planning. However, it is not always possible to make it on time. Therefore, the question arises about whether it is possible to make fluorography. Another ten years ago, the answer to him would be uniquely negative. But today, many moms pass a similar examination, and it does not cause any complications when entering the child.

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Question to the doctor: how not to miss an attack of appendicitis

National Medical Research Center for Surgery. A.V. Vishnevsky is the largest medical and research institution of Russia. The institute has the most modern diagnostic and healing equipment.

Pregnancy after 40 IVF method: Happy Maternity History - "Dr. Fomin's Clinic"

QUOTE (Atomic @ Apr 8 2015, 21:22) in no way. Good quality questions about the number of pregnancies, childbirth, etc. At the time passed from the previous operation ...

Elevit Pronatat Tab. P. No. 30.

What is part of the vitamin complex Elevut Prontash. How it acts on the body of the future mother and her child. Feedback pregnant on vitamins.

Fleming ointment Reviews with hemorrhoids during pregnancy

Order Fleming ointment Reviews with hemorrhoids during pregnancy cream from hemorrhoids reviews

Folic acid Dosage during pregnancy on early. Folic acid benefits for pregnant women and the correct dosage. Symptoms of folic acid overdose

Iodilaife, tablets. Indications, Contraindications, Dosage Mode, Side Effect, Overdose, ITalFarmaco Medicinal Interaction

Analysis of the vitamin and mineral status of herds, taking vitamin and mineral complexes at different times of pregnancy UMEDP

Mother meals is the most significant external factor for pregnancy. The results of research confirm the need to subsote micronutrients during the gestation period.

Folic acid during pregnancy

The role of folates in ensuring the normal conception, the flow of pregnancy, the development of the fetus and the child is not questioned. In this case, folic acid deficiency is one of the most common manifestations of micronutrient failure. It is recognized that the dotation of folic acid at the stage of pregeraward preparation and during pregnancy serves as an important factor in the prevention of spontaneous miscarriage, premature genera, disorders of the function of the fetoplacentar complex, the malformations of the fetus and the birth of immature or male children. The paths of elimination of the lack of folic acid are diverse, among them and the enrichment of food products, and the introduction into contraceptives, and the use of folic acid as a monopreparation, or as part of the vitamin and mineral complexes. The use of folic acid in a complex with other vitamins and minerals is the optimal choice during pregnancy and has obvious advantages compared with monotherapy with folic acid preparations. The review provides the use of folic acid at a dose of 800 μg in the vitamin and mineral complexes and highlights the role of other vitamins and minerals in the successful outcome of pregnancy. Currently, there are preparations, which contains L-methylpholate instead of folic acid. In Europe, a comparative placebo-controlled study was carried out, which compared the effect of the use of L-methylpholate and folic acid to the concentration of folates in plasma and red blood cells. These studies indicate that methylpholate and folic acid increase the concentration of folate in the blood in the same level, thus, it does not make sense to use methylpholate instead of folic acid, which has a wide evidence base.

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